Abortion Pills Mifepristine+Misoprostol


Introduction – Before introducing, I would you like you say about how unwanted pregnancies are taking  a place now a days. Newspapers, magazines and journals are full of these kind of news. But truth is that, pregnancies happen unknowingly. Unwanted pregnancies take place in married life as well as unmarried life. In married life, sometimes not using contraceptive lead to pregnancy. Since there is no fear in married life about social respect. But, uninvited pregnancy is unbearable in married life also. Entire family planning gets disturbed because of this. The unwanted pregnancy is very painful in unmarried life, while college goers or unmarried couple intercourse. Same, not using the measures for safer sex leads to the unwanted pregnancy. In unmarried life, because of the fear of society depressions takes place. In this tragic situation, one needs help. Now the question arises, how to remove the undesired pregnancy. Either you are married or unmarried, either upper the age of 18 or below the age of 35, we have the solution. ABORTION PILLS are the best way to abort your unwanted pregnancy. You should BUY ABORTION PILLS ONLINE AT CHEAPEST PRICE WITH FASTEST SHIPPING IN THE US AND UK.

During the pregnancy, there is a proper system of nourishing the growing baby. A hormone called ‘PROGESTRONE’ is a carrier of food to the fetus. So all development depends on this hormone. As a pack of five pills. Mifepristine and Misoprostol are the pills which discontinue the pregnancy. The job of these two pills are quite different from one another. Mifepristine is a single tablet which works like a an obstructor to the progesterone hormone. It just intervenes the hormone which causes the stopping of food supply to the fetus. A fetus cannot grow in the dearth of the food. It becomes very difficult to grow a fetus without food. Result the fetus starves and dies. Misoprostol is the drug which outs the fetus from the womb. It may be in the form of large blood clots and small as well. ABORTION PILLS are available at our online stores round the world. You can BUY ABORTION PILLS ONLINE AT CHEAPEST PRICES WITH FASTEST SHIPPING IN USA AND THE UK.


  • Mifepristine pill is to take with meals or with a glass of water. Other five pills Misoprostol is to take orally or may be put in the vagina. The Vagina will discharge blood clots and white watery substance.
  • Abortion pills must not be taken if the fetus is older than 8 to 10 months.
  • Abortion pills are only for the ladies who are 18 to 35 years of age.
  • Brest feeding mothers avoid the use of abortion pills.
  • Some side effects may take place life headache, stomach, nausea, giddiness, drowsiness, stomach tenderness and vomiting.
  • Avoid driving, taking exercise, lifting heavy objects.
  • Take proper rest and maintain a healthy environment.


Do not hesitate and come forward. It is the matter of your life. This one step can make your day. We are the best seller of the ABORTION PILLS all around of the world. Now, BUY ABORTION PILLS ONLINE AT CHEAPEST PRICES WITH FASTEST SHIPPING IN USA AND UK. We are the best in the market and products are available round the corner of the world. Order now.

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