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Buy Careprost Eye Drops Online USA-Paypal



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Careprost Eye Drops General Information:

What Careprost eye drop Contains?

Careprost Eye Drops contains 0.03% of bimatoprost which is used to lower the pressure within the eyes, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Monohydrate Citric Acid, purified Water and preservative Benzalkonium Chloride. It also contain Sodium Hydroxide which is used to maintain PH.

Why Careprost eye drop is used?

Careprost is a 0.03% ophthalmic solution which is used to decrease the intraocular pressure as you know if IOP increased then it can cause damaging of optic nerve which result eye sight loss, so to prevent this effect, you can use this medication. IOP will lower the vision and then lead you towards complete blindness. Careprost eye drops is also used to resolve the problem of ocular hypertension which occurs within the eyes due to IOP. It is also used to solve the problem of hypotrichosis which means lower the eye lashes. It may be due to genetically disorder. This medicine will help you to grow thicker, darker and longer eye lashes hair.”

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How Careprost  Eye Drops Works For Eye Lashes?

You can use Careprost Eye Drops once at night on daily basis and be careful that not even a single day should be skipped, if you forget to take then take your dosage when you remember instantly. Put a drop of medication on eye liner brush and rub it on your upper eye lashes too and clean the extra drop of careprost eye drops if it drowns near eyes with cotton as it can cause of undesired hair around. Be careful to use it and do the same with the other eye. Do not use it on lower eye lashes. Use it at least for 12 to 16 weeks for a better result but if you leave the use of medicine in between this time period then your eye lashes will be back in former condition as it was before use. You will get longer, thicker and darker eye lashes if you complete the full course.

How Careprost eye drop works For Glaucoma?

Use one drop of careprost regular inside the eyes to resolve the problem of Glaucoma but make sure not to use any other eye drops with Careprost because it will interfere in recovery of Glaucoma. Remove contact lenses and make up if any applicable on the face as medicine should be come in contact with eyes for a better result. You have to use it for weeks, months or years as it helps you to maintain eye pressure but it will not cure Glaucoma. Use this medicine as long as doctor asked you.

It may be that your eyes feel burn inside for 2 to 3 minutes after applying it, but you will feel better after that and you should lay down after putting a drop in eyes.  If you skip or leave use of Careprost Eye Drops then you will not meet with your desired result so for a better result, apply daily.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Do not skip for even a single day, if you have to then take your dosage when you get time before next dosage.
  • Remove contact lenses and make up and Clean the face before use.
  • Careprost should be used with the help of eye liner brush for eye lashes.
  • Be careful that any drop should not be drowning besides eyes, if it is then clean it instantly.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place at a temperature below then 25 degree Celsius.
  • Discard the bottle after 4 weeks of opening.
  • This medication is not suitable for operated eyes.
  • This is not made for those who are still under 18 years old.
  • A pregnant or breast feeding lady can’t use it.

Side effect of Careprost eye drop:

You may have faced some common side effect of this medicine which are given below:-

  • Your eyes could be red after using it.
  • Your eyes may feel burn inside, etching or inflammation.
  • Your eyes may be sensitive to light after applying it.
  • Headache, infection, dark iris or dizziness may be have to face.

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