Why you should buy MTP kit to avoid unplanned pregnancy?

Why you should buy MTP kit to avoid unplanned pregnancy?

MTP kit is a result derivative combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills to avoid unplanned pregnancy and it is very safe way to abort the fetus from womb as you can keep your privacy secret if you don’t want to come to know anyone about it. Now the time has changed and people are no longer living with narrow thinking so these days men and women intercourse without any hesitation but they forget to use precaution which result women pregnancy. In early time this was the cause of a big family as they couldn’t control unplanned child but now there are several ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy if the couple do not want to go ahead with it and MTP kit is the best way to and people prefer it too. Buy MTP kit online at cheap rates at USA & UK with fast shipping from our online web portal www.illnesssolution.com.

Irfan and Jamia got married 6 months ago but they don’t want any child now so they use precaution like condoms but they couldn’t live without sex as they love each other very much. They were living a happy life but once what happened? Irfan returned from a friends party late at night and he was drunk at that time but as usual, he wanted to have the lovely night with Jamia but she refused him as precautions were not available at that time but Irfan made her to love.

Irfan promised her not to eject inside her but as Irfan was drunken so he couldn’t control himself and eject inside Jamia’s vagina which results Jamia got pregnant but they didn’t take it seriously but got tensed when Jamia didn’t have monthly periods. They were worried as they wanted to abort this child. They seek a lot easy way but they didn’t want anyone to let know about it so they searched on the net and they found MTP kit. They decided to use it and order a kit.

After applying this as directed they come to know that Jamia is no longer pregnant so we suggest you to apply MTP kit if you want to avoid undesired pregnancy.

MTP kit contains one pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol. Each pill contains 200 mg power and ability to prevent undesired pregnancy. Take Mifepristone pill orally with water and after 48 to 72 hours, apply Misoprostol pills either orally or through vaginally way to get a better result but make sure that pills should not be taken empty stomach. This process is a little longer as it will complete in 14 days.

Please do not take MTP kit if pregnancy is more than 9 weeks old and it is strictly prohibited for the women of age 35 years old or more than it. Mifepristone pill apart the fetus from womb walls and Misoprostol pills take it out from womb. Fetus come out in the form of bleeding and it may get you a little pain but it is the safe way to avoid unwanted pregnancy so Buy MTP kit online with fast shipping at cheap rates from our online web portal namely www.unitedpillsshop.com.

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